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A great culture is the foundation on which Ananda is built. On where we are committed to creating an environment that nurtures, and provides opportunities for growth and career advancement throughout.With process like "Learning and Development", "Succession Planning" and "Talent Management" that are the building block for equipping our employees with essential and new-age skills, and helping them thrive.

Enabling Ananda, and our people, to take on any challange actively and willingly, and in the process,working and growing togather as a team. And our unique EVP (Employee Value Preposition) secures the best talent in the country and ensures that they are always engaged with plenty of engagement benifits. 



Pasteurised Toned Milk

Ananda Toned Milk is the right way to stay fit and manage a balanced life without taking out milk from your diet.

Toned Milk Dahi

Ananda toned dahi is the best toned dahi available in the market for the calorie conscious people.

Masala Chaach

Masala Chaach

Ananda Masala Chaach is uplifting especially during the hot summer days.

Top Recipes

Badam Doodh

Almond MILK is a beverage made from ground almonds

Apple and Almond Halwa

A halwa with a difference - apples and almonds give it an extra special taste.

Badam Pista Phirni

Milk based dessert enriched with nuts and served chilled.



Ananda Paneer in Agra

Ananda Paneer Now Available in Agra

Ananda Dairy Ltd. one of the leading dairy brands in India, is thrilled to announce that its range of fresh paneer is now available in Agra. Keepin

Ananda Hosts Painting Competition

Ananda, a renowned dairy product manufacturer in India, recently hosted a Painting Competition at Allenhouse Public School, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad, U


Savor Authentic Foods at AAHAR - The International Food and Hospitality Fair

6 March 2017| Delhi | AAHAR – The International Food & Hospitality Fair”, New Delhi, India, is in its 32nd year. It is organized by

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