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Pasteurised Skimmed Milk

Ananda Skimmed Milk is surely the best skimmed milk brand of India. Employing our state of the art processing techniques, we remove as much of the fat as possible, without knocking outany of the nutrientsthat make milk such a wholesome food. The young at heart particularly find it a tempting option to complement their low-fat diet requirements.

Benefits and Usage

  • Zero cholesterol.
  • Virtually zero bacteria.
  • Excellent for people with heart and blood pressure related problems.
  • Ideal for health and weight conscious people.
  • Excellent for people undergoing fitness sessions.


Pasteurised Toned Milk

Ananda Toned Milk is the right way to stay fit and manage a balanced life without taking out milk from your diet.

Toned Milk Dahi

Ananda toned dahi is the best toned dahi available in the market for the calorie conscious people.

Top Recipes

Badam Doodh

Badam Doodh

Almond MILK is a beverage made from ground almonds

Apple and Almond Halwa

Apple and Almond Halwa

A halwa with a difference - apples and almonds give it an extra special taste.

Badam Pista Phirni

Badam Pista Phirni

Milk based dessert enriched with nuts and served chilled.



R.S Dixit

"We aim to open over 1,500 company owned outlets in Delhi/NCR by 2020": RadheyShyam Dixit

Tell us about the brand journey of dairy segment. Also, what is your take on the current dairy segment in India?


ananda fresh paneer

Why Ananda Packed Paneer is better to use than to loose paneer?

Paneer, also known as cottage cheese, is a dairy produ

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