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Ananda at Nauchandi Mela of Meerut

Ananda is recently participating at Nauchandi Mela; where it is becoming a keen point of interest; for an extensive number of visitors. Ananda displayed exclusive range of its unadulterated milk and its products at its respective stall.  The visitors were interested in looking for more information; about their offered product assortments, prices and categories in the fair. 

The Nauchandi Mela is an annual celebration held at Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The mela is organized by the municipal corporation of Meerut. It is a one month long carnival starting from the second Sunday after the festival of Holi to promote the artistic masterfullness and religious rituals followed in rustic Uttar Pradesh. The mela hosts more than 50,000 visitors consistently every year 

The mela has lot of stalls of handicrafts, textiles, furniture, food, jewellery and lot more. 

Ananda’s stall was full of customers and visitors who experienced real taste of pure milk and its products. With long hot days stretched beforethem, people are finding momentary respite from the product offered by Ananda dairy, mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi and Chhach seem to be popular among customers to quench their thirst.

Speaking about the Nauchandi Mela, Mr. R.S. Dixit, CMD of Ananda said "It gives me incredible joy to declare that we are partaking in the Nauchandi mela; our point is to satisfy the spirit of the general population in the mela with some quality sustenance and drinks to make their visit to the occasion a cherished one”.


Pasteurised Toned Milk

Ananda Toned Milk is the right way to stay fit and manage a balanced life without taking out milk from your diet.

Toned Milk Dahi

Ananda toned dahi is the best toned dahi available in the market for the calorie conscious people.

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