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Ananda Dairy Opened 201 Outlets in Delhi/NCR in a Day

Ananda Dairy has added a new feather in its cap. It has opened 200 stores in Delhi/NCR on Saturday, 2nd June that tells a new story of its expansion. The leading dairy products manufacturer has received a Golden Book of World record certificate on this launch of 200 stores.

Committed to its vision to make quality milk and dairy products easily accessible to its clients at an affordable price, Ananda has invested over Rs 10 croreto make it all successful.

On the eve of the World Milk Day (01 June 2018), the founder and chairman of Ananda Group— MrRadheShyam Dixit said that Ananda was dedicated to supplying high quality and nutritious milk and dairy products to all its clients giving the highest priority to their health and safety. With the launch of 200 new outlets, Ananda had expanded its customers’ base and reached closer to them. Besides this, with the new outlets, Ananda aimed to provide jobs to over 700 people.

This is a glorious achievement as Ananda takes pride in breaking its own record of opening 200stores in a day. With the opening of a number of outlets on such a massive scale, Ananda aims to provide a holistic experience to its customers and facilitate them procure easily an array of quality, tasty and nutritious dairy products along with confectionery and bakery items.Besides this, well-trained professionals of Ananda would be there to guide the customers to choose the right products as per their dietary requirements.

Ananda has over 75+ products in its portfolio that are made to enhance the health and fitness of its consumers. Based on its philosophy to create happier customers, the leading dairy brand ensures that its clients get only the freshest and purest milk and milk products manufactured using the latest and advanced tools and technology.

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