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Ananda Hosts Painting Competition

Ananda, a renowned dairy product manufacturer in India, recently hosted a Painting Competition at Allenhouse Public School, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. R.S.Dixit, CMD, Ananda, while delivering the introductory note at the occasion, gave a piece of advice to the participants, “Only the spirit of competition should be important, not winning or losing.”

It was a school level painting competition, in which over 200 students participated packed with full excitement. The event held on Wednesday,1 February 2017. The theme of the painting competition was free drawing.

A team of jury, having members of the faculty from the school and Mr. R.S. Dixit (Chief Guest), was present to judge the skills of the students.

Mr. Dixit facilitated children after the painting competition. He along with the school management reviewed the paintings created by children.And, based on thisassessment,they declared the first, second, and third prize winners in each category (Primary, Middle and Secondary). The awards given by Ananda group were: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Red Ananda Caps.

Mr. Dixit, the chief guest, facilitated the winners of the painting competition. He also held a question-answer session with children on various issues related to the painting contest and their contribution in making a clean and healthy environment.He appreciated the skills of young children and stressed on making India a clean and beautiful country.

On this occasion Mr. Dixit, CMD, Ananda said, “Competitions like this are necessary to bring out the hidden talent in children. Painting is a good hobby. It is possible for those with talent to become good artists. The contribution of artists to a cultured society is immense.” He called upon the teachers and parents to come forward to nurture and encourage the different hobbies of children.

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