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Quality And Safety Policy

Quality And Safety Policy

Our Commitment:

  • The consumer whom we serve and their level of satisfaction with our products are our final judge and jury. We are committed to deliver high quality milk and other dairy products from production to consumption.
  • We will respond to the call to deliver international quality nutrition to every Indian home.

Commitment to Quality

Quality for our consumers is Ananda Group's top priority. This applies to our entire product segments and forms the foundation of all we do.

Quality Policy

Our actions to ensure quality and food safety are guided by the company’s Quality Policy document, which describes our commitment to

  • Build trust by offering products that match consumer expectation and preference
  • Comply with all internal and external food safety, regulatory compliance and quality requirements
  • Adopt a zero-defect, no-waste process by everyone in our company

Quality Management System

  • Our Quality Management System process guidelines and methodology that we use to guarantee food safety, compliance with quality standards and to create value for consumers.
  • Our internal Quality Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO norms, national and state laws and regulatory requirements and compliance.

Quality from ‘Farm to Home’

Our Quality Management System starts on farms. We have a long history of working together with farmers in rural communities to help them improve the quality of their produce and adopt environmentally sustainable farming practices. The Quality Management System not only ensures our ongoing access to high quality raw materials. It also enables farmers to protect or even increase their income. Often the standard of living of entire rural communities is raised as a result.

  • Quality parameters are built in during each and every process of product development and according to the requirements of the consumers. All the plant activities, right from processing to manufacturing are guided by ISO 22000:2005 and Food and Safety Manual (HACCP). To ensure highest quality standards, we put each milk sample to stringent quality controls for ensuring right FAT and SNF percentages in accordance to 32 recommended BIS and AGMARK standards.
  • There are a number of quality checks that milk must pass before it reaches consumer table. This should ideally begin right on the farm and continue until you open the packet at your home. Preservatives, Neutralizers, adulterants, bacteriological tests like Standard Plate Count and Coliform Bacteria are conducted to maintain the quality check.
  • The Ananda Quality Code establishes non-negotiable minimum standards that we ask our suppliers to respect and to adhere to at all times when conducting business.

Consumer Use

Our products carry information to ensure that they are used safely with the highest level of quality for the consumer.

Consumer services

Our worldwide consumer services organization ensures that we can immediately respond to any consumer inquiry, question or concern. The labels of all products carry our address or telephone number and we encourage our consumer to talk to Ananda.


Pasteurised Toned Milk

Ananda Toned Milk is the right way to stay fit and manage a balanced life without taking out milk from your diet.

Toned Milk Dahi

Ananda toned dahi is the best toned dahi available in the market for the calorie conscious people.

Masala Chaach

Masala Chaach

Ananda Masala Chaach is uplifting especially during the hot summer days.

Top Recipes

Badam Doodh

Badam Doodh

Almond MILK is a beverage made from ground almonds

Apple and Almond Halwa

Apple and Almond Halwa

A halwa with a difference - apples and almonds give it an extra special taste.

Badam Pista Phirni

Badam Pista Phirni

Milk based dessert enriched with nuts and served chilled.

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